It's Almost Halloween

“It’s Almost Halloween” is a fun and spooky tribute to Halloween traditions, candy, costumes, and scary movies.

Vax Scene

“Vax Scene” is a controversial hip-hop track featuring Zjolie that is a debate between pro-vaccine vs anti-vaccine opponents. Who won?

I Come in Peace

Peaceful Piranha is an alien who likes to come in peace! In fact, he will COME in YOUR PIECE!

The Ones That We Love (Never Love Us Back)

“The Ones That We Love (Never Love Us Back) is a song about falling in love with people who mistreat and abuse you yet you can’t help but love them.

Creepy Freaky Man

Peaceful Piranha has a proclivity for the dark and strange. “Creepy Freaky Man” is an ode to horror movies and embracing your inner freakiness

Daddy Issues

“Daddy Issues” is a song that explores the relationship between a father and a daughter. How does that relationship affect romantic relationships when your relationships with your parents are toxic?

This is Death

“This is Death” is a song about life choices and making the wrong ones that can lead to an early and tragic demise.

Women's Rights Anthem

Women deserve equality and to be treated fairly. In many parts of the world, women are treated as second-class citizens. Peaceful Piranha loves women. He stands by all women, non-women, and everyone. Honestly, Peaceful Piranha is a soulful lover and this funky smooth track proves his ability to deliver.


Thanksgiving Spread

“Thanksgiving Spread” is an ode to Thanksgiving traditions that let’s just say are questionable.

Christmas Socks

Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is coming into town and in your wife! Holidays are rough. Companies are busy soliciting. Make sure you’ve got the new Xbox and Playstation for little Tommy!

Nobody Likes Me

My girlfriend left me for another man. She couldn’t see me in her future plans. I’m the kind of person that no one can stand. I don’t have one fan. NOBODY LIKES ME!

Open Up For Jesus

“Open Up For Jesus” is a song about what happens when religious people knock on your door and then, the wrong person answers the door.

Brush Yo Teeth

“Brush Yo Teeth” is a funk rap rock hip hop masterpiece about personal hygiene, romance, dating, and love.

Obnoxiously Vegan

Peaceful Piranha is passionate about veganism and animal rights. This video is obnoxious and the song is “OBNOXIOUSLY VEGAN”

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