She Needs Space

She Needs Space

Relationships can be amazing. Relationships can be great. Relationships can be awful. Relationships can be deadly. Relationships will eventually end.

She Has Been Thinking of This For a While

Does she love you? Sure, maybe. Does she think you are Mr. Perfect? Ha, ha, ha, no! No man will ever be Mr. Perfect. At first, he will seem like Mr. Perfect, but she will get bored. Predictability is the plague of every relationship. Love requires new experiences. Love is an evolving process. If you can’t keep up, you will be left behind.

She has been thinking about this for a while, and you know it. You know it because you saw her interest slowly start to fade. Let’s be honest; she gave you chances. She gave you more than one chance, but you screwed up. Now, her coworker Tom is giving her his rod.

When She Needs Space, Give it To Her

At some point, she will test you. At more than one point, she will test you. She will constantly test your strength throughout the relationship. The more weakness you show will start to eat away at your relationship. Weakness turns women off. Women are strong, vicious predators. To survive, they need to be tough. They can sniff out weakness. Your weakness will be the death of your relationship.

She will test you by saying she’s bored. She will test you by talking to other men. She will test you, and if you fail, you lose her. After showing a lot of weakness, she will need a break. She will need space. Give it to her. You have already pushed her away. If you try to hold on, you will only push her away more.

Seriously, Let Her Go

Where are you in your life? Are you stable? Do you have a good job? Do you have your own place? Can you pay your bills on time? If you answered no to almost all of these questions, you don’t need a girlfriend. Many times, women will leave when something is not right in a man’s life. They need stability. If you are unstable, they will be more likely to leave.

Anyway, just let her go. That’s right! Goodbye Felicia! Work on yourself. Your purpose should be on something that benefits you. Never make your purpose about someone else. If you only care about your relationship, you are doomed to fail. Too many people fall into this trap. They put too much of themselves into other people. You need to work on yourself. Let her go!

How Can You Better Yourself?

You can better yourself by taking your mind off of your ex. Do a sport! Play a musical instrument! Learn a new language! BUILD A NEW BUSINESS!

If you really want her back, show her that you don’t need her. If she thinks that she is the best you can get, then you already lost. How can you win? Change your mind state! Think positive and pursue your goals.

Should You Take Her Back?

Once she wants to leave, she has already demonstrated that she has low interest for you. When she wants to leave, she doesn’t respect you as much as you deserve. If she comes back, she will never really respect you as much as you deserve either. Let her go and don’t let her back.

Work on changing yourself. After you work on changing yourself, get a new partner. Find someone who doesn’t need a break from you because you deserve better. People don’t deserve second chances. Sure, you may want to give her one, but don’t. Just let it go!

So You Took Her Back?

She needed space, and now she’s back? Great! You didn’t listen to what I said in the last paragraph. You took her back, and things are great again! How long will that last?

How long before she gets bored again? How long before she needs space, again? Don’t do this to yourself. Better yourself, and connect with new people. But, if you really have to go back with this person, be careful.

Don’t drop your guide! Stay strong and don’t show weakness. All those changes you made are fundamental! Don’t go back to the old you, and maybe things will work out this time.

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She Needs Space

She Needs Space