Stonks (Going to the Moon)

Stonks (Going to the Moon)

Do you own any GME or AMC stocks?

r/WallStreetBets has essentially changed the trading game. Hedge funds have been shorting stocks for years and profiting while the little guys have always gotten the short end of the stick. This all changed when a group of traders on Reddit banded together and started buying shares of $GME. Gamestop stock was so heavily shorted that it went from $5 in August to almost $500 in January.

Wall Street Bets

r/WallStreetBets has permanently disrupted Wall Street in a big way. Hedge funds, in their wildest dreams, would have never imagined what these average traders could do. Millions of people have joined r/WallStreetBets after the recent Gamestop surge. Other shorted stocks, from other companies, were purchased in droves as well, but so far, none have had the same effect as Gamestop.


After the recent Gamestop surge, it motivated me to write a song about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get in on the original Gamestop wave. Sadly, I bought $GME at $98 a share as it came crashing back down to $40 a share. Everyone thought the whole debacle was over, and then $GME shot up over 100 percent towards the end of February. Now the big question is whether to sell or hold out?

Diamond Hands

What are diamond hands? Diamond hands refer to someone who holds their stocks through the tumultuous ups and downs of the stock market. The stock market is so volatile and you never know where it is going to end up.

Gamestop could go up to $1000 or come crashing back down to $40. It all depends on different factors like the hedgies covering their shorts, the volume being traded, the valuation, and people holding the line.

Going to the Moon

Everyone who has participated in this Gamestop movement deserves a pat on the back. Average people are changing the game for the big boys. Money always wins. But we showed them that average consumers can have a voice and it cost many hedge funds dearly. Also, there were other hedge funds who jumped on the $GME train and cashed in, but this whole ordeal has been game changing.


AMC was another struggling company whose shares were being shorted. The trading pattern for AMC moves in the same direction as GME. AMC was another hype stock that started to get heat on Reddit. The Coronavirus pandemic hit movie theaters pretty hard and now that they are starting to open back, AMC is started to skyrocket.

Hold The Line

Will I eventually sell AMC and GME? Of course. Both of these stocks have given me a serious headache because of the ups and downs. I plan on selling at the right time. My price target for GME is at least $200 and my price target for AMC is $15. Can both of these stocks go higher? Sure. But they could also go a lot lower and never reach those highs again. Who knows?

That’s the beauty of the stock market.

Stonks Song

The Gamestop ordeal has been emotional and exciting at the same time. It’s awesome to participate in this movement, even if I lose thousands of dollars. Remember, never play with money you can’t afford to lose and I should take my own advice.

I wrote a song about stocks, trading, investing, making money, and losing money. “Stonks (Going to the Moon)” is a meme of a song. The video is completely ridiculous. My editing skills are primitive but it’s perfect for the kind of person who would invest in Gamestop and a person who spends all of his time online researching different stonks.

Are we going to the moon? Of course! Diamond hand gang!

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Lyrics to Stonks (Going to the Moon)

I bought GameStop,

Now I can’t stop,

AMC too,

What do I do?

They both crashed and

I’m going to be broke.

This is no joke,

I guess I was fake woke.

It’s not that I’m slow,

I was told to hold.

Diamond hands,

Until I’m a 100 years old!

Come place your bets now,

Come place your bets!

All bets are off now!

All bets are off!

Look at the red and don’t start to cry,

Holding on tight until I die!

We are going to the moon!

Price to cash flow,

Price to earnings ratio,

Don’t really know,

Sounds smart if I say So,

Where should I go?

Wall Street Bets bro!

Dogecoin will grow,

Elon knows, yo!

Shorted stocks will blow,

Shout out to Stock Moe!

Forget going slow,

Speculation cuts throat!

AMC explodes!

A merger arose!

It’s time to expose,

Robinhood’s unknowns!

Robinhood they are such crooks!

I held too long,

The rise is gone

I was a pawn,

The hedge funds they won.

Suicide Hotline.

My life, I’m about to take mine.

See this bitcoin,

Mind for a mind.

What did I find,

No more decline.

It just inclined,

And I almost died!

Going to the moon

Going to the moon

Diamond hands are rough

Diamond hands cut!

We took a chance

Now it’s time to dance.

With all of this money,

I can buy romance!

Diamond Hands cut,

Yea Diamond Hands Cut!

Don’t think you’re tough,

You are just lunch!

Going to the moon!

Going to the moon!

Going to the moon

Going to the moon



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