Why You Were Ghosted

Why You Were Ghosted

Short and simple, you were ghosted because you came on too strong. Never come on too strong. Never be needy!

Ghosting and Dating

Everyone ghosts! When everyone does something, everyone does something! You have ghosted! Your mother has ghosted! Your kids will ghost! Ghosting is when someone suddenly ceases communication with you.

Ghosting is not nice. Ghosting is cruel. Ghosting leaves someone with so many questions.

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Why did you ghost me?
  • Was it something I said?
  • Was it something I did?
  • Was I bad in the sack?
  • Was it too small for you?
  • Do I not have enough money?
  • Did I embarrass you?

Why You Were Ghosted

You were ghosted because you are a loser! Okay, you are not a loser! I’m sure you feel like one after she ghosted you. She ghosted you because you came on too strong. You made her your entire world. You gave her too much.

Take a step back, Jack! Calm down! Don’t get too excited. Don’t tell her that you love her, too soon. Women want a man who is a challenge. When a woman knows she has you, she’s gone!

What NOT to do AFTER you were ghosted

  • Don’t call her.
  • Don’t text her.
  • Don’t check out her story.
  • Don’t check out her snap.
  • Don’t start liking all her photos.
  • Don’t start commenting on all her social media.
  • Don’t UNFOLLOW her.
  • Don’t cry!
  • Don’t beg her!
  • Really… NEVER beg her!

What to do AFTER you were ghosted

  • Work on yourself
  • Heal
  • Go on Tinder
  • Hook up with another woman
  • Talk to other women
  • Meditate
  • Work out
  • Hook up with MORE women
  • Make MORE money
  • Start a business
  • Talk to your friends
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Make new friends
  • Get outside of your comfort zone
  • Oh yeah, NEVER BEG HER!
  • BE A MAN!!!!!

The Follow Up

Let’s say you get over her fast, and you want to get a survey. You want to ask her why she ghosted you. Don’t do this immediately. Wait a few weeks, and then ask her. It’s funny because she might give you another chance.

After waiting at least 2 weeks, contact her. Say: “Hey, What’s Up, I really thought we had a connection. Why did you ghost me?”

Chances are she won’t respond, but if she does, maybe you have a second chance. Maybe, just maybe, you want some redemption. 

  • Honestly, AVOID THE FOLLOW-UP! Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not work! It is better to move on. My advice is usually to move on when someone dumps you. The ball should be in their court. Please never beg. All I want you to learn is to never beg. Begging shows weakness and is pathetic. Real men never beg. Real men accept whatever is coming their way whether it is good or whether it is bad. 
Why you were ghosted

Why you were ghosted

Has the FOLLOW UP worked?

Yes, the follow up has worked for me. There are times when women have ghosted me, and then I hooked up with them a few weeks later. Usually, I just leave them alone. I never do the follow-up, but sometimes a follow up can work if you word it correctly.

The follow up only works if you do it politely and don’t come off as desperate. Honestly, it is better to leave it be. Most of the time, they won’t come back. Sometimes, they will think of you and come back.

  • You pretty much have already lost when you do the follow-up. The follow-up is if you still really want to hook up with this woman. Sometimes, you have to reach out. Some people ghost because they have a lot going on in their life and you don’t fit in at that moment. TRY AGAIN LATER… I wouldn’t, but you can. 
    ** I usually don’t try again because I’ve learned that when you pursue someone who already rejected you that means they have low interest. Someone with low interest may hook up with you for whatever reason, but they will soon leave again. I want true love. I hope that’s what you want to.

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