I Come in Peace

I Come in Peace

Do you think aliens are real? I do. In fact, I know! How do I know? Recently, aliens abducted me. The government will soon be after me because of my time with these semi-peaceful creatures. Let me start from the beginning and share with you my experience with these horny aliens.

Alien Abduction

One day I was outside, minding my own business when I saw a bright green light. For a second, I was temporarily blinded. All of a sudden, I was disoriented and woke up on a brightly colored vessel. The lampshades were rectangular prisms of green beams. The light was illuminating from different directions. Everything was so confusing, and I was completely dazed.

Then this creature appeared out of thin air. Honestly, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The creature stood 7 feet tall and was very skinny. His eyes were piercing and frightening. As soon as he started touching me, it felt like electrical spikes were shocking my entire body. That’s when I passed out and the experience was about to get even more surreal. 

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