Cuckold Dating

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Cuckold Dating

Cuckold Dating

Cuckold Dating

What is a cuckold? A cuckold is a man who gets turned on by watching his partner have sex or be intimate with someone else. Cuckolding is a torture fetish or kink.

What Kind of Men are Cucks? 

A cuck can be anyone. A cuck can be a doctor or a lawyer. A cuck is a person who enjoys watching their partner get it on with someone else. For more people, this scenario is a nightmare. For a cuck, this gives them life!

How Does Someone Become a Cuck?

Most people fantasize about their partner being with someone else. Most men fantasize about their woman with another woman. This can be a form of cuckolding. Some men enjoy watching their partner with other women. This would be a more acceptable form of cuckolding. 

For many people, it is shameful to allow your partner to cheat. Other people will judge you for being open-minded. Honestly, cuckolds are braver than most. They are willing to let go of their fear and allow their partner to be truly free. Someone becomes a cuck by freeing their mind!

Cuckold Dating 

Finding the right partner to cuckold with can be a challenge. Most women would rather cheat on their partner behind their back. Most people cheat. Cheating is dishonest. At least with cuckolds, they know their partner is cheating. Technically, it’s not even cheating if you know what your partner is doing.

Women who date cuckolds will have to have sex with a lot of different partners. Not all women are okay with this. Somebody has to be very open-minded to want to open their bedroom in this way. It becomes a matter of always looking for the next person to join this cuckolding world.

Interracial Cuckolding

In a survey conducted on 580 people, it turns out that race plays an element in the cuckold fantasy. It turns out, that white men want to see their white partner with a black man. White men like this suffer from white guilt syndrome. This is a psychological condition that suggests that these white men want to be punished for whatever reason. When they conducted this survey on gay men, they did not have the interracial element present.

Don’t Judge

Cuckolds do not deserve judgment. In reality, you should tip your hat to them. They are brave enough and selfless enough to share their partner. Our partner is never really ours. We just temporarily have them. People become too possessive of the one they love. Possessiveness destroys relationships.

Cuckolds are happier because they can be free. Most women will cheat on you behind your back anyways. You might as well let her do it in front of your face. Learn to like it, and your life will be awesome. Who knows, maybe she will watch you hook up with other girls in front of her?

*Alright, chances are she won’t reciprocate. Also, true cuckolds wouldn’t want to be the ones cheating. They like to watch. They are true voyeurs.

Dating a Cuckold

Would you date a cuckold?

Please share what it is like if you have ever dated a cuckold. Does it get old after a while? Does it take all the fun out of cheating behind your partner’s back?

Some people genuinely enjoying hurting their partner. A lot of people who cheat, know how much it is going to hurt their partner, but they do not care. I appreciate the honesty in the cuckold community.

Cuckold Couple

Karaoke is my favorite pastime. Before Coronavirus hit, I would go to karaoke three or four times a week. It became an obsession. At one of my usual karaoke spots, I’d always see this one woman with a different date. There is nothing wrong with dating or cuckolding. Apparently, her boyfriend was a cuck. How did I find out? One of my friends had sex with her while her boyfriend watched in the corner.

Every week her boyfriend would scout different men for her. A few times I was approached by this woman. Unfortunately, I never took her up on her offer. In my head, I wanted to do it, but my heart said no. 

Cuckold Dating Survey


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