5 Things I Love about “Brush Yo Teeth”

by | Jan 24, 2021 | New Music


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Things I Love Funky Kitty

Things I Love Funky Kitty


“Brush Yo Teeth” is the newest song by Peaceful Piranha. Romance runs rampant throughout the world. At some point, you’ve probably been romantic with someone. At some point, you’ve probably kissed that person. At some point, you probably realized that your partner has bad breath. Is there anything worse than kissing someone with bad breath?

5 Things I Love about ” Brush Yo Teeth”

1. Hygiene and Romance go hand in hand!

Imagine falling in love with someone who smells bad? This scenario is an everyday reality for many people. Unfortunately, there are different types of genetic conditions that cause people to smell bad. These people cannot help the way they smell, and they have to find someone that will put up with the odor. Would you put up with someone who smelled really bad?

Imagine making love to someone for the first time, and their private parts really stink? Some odors can become so bad that they will cause us to feel nauseous. You and your lover have to be truly in sync.

First, you should try to work with your partner. Second, try to find a solution. Third, decide if you can still be with this person if the situation is not remedied. Fourth, make a decision. Always, and I mean always, be honest with your partner.

It’s hard to find someone special. My advice is, don’t just ditch someone with a funky smell. Start to like the funk and you’ll be a true punk! ROCK N ROLL!

2. Funk is making a comeback!

I live for the funk, and I’d die for the funk! Things I love….FUNK!
Funk music has never died. Granted, the genre of funk music isn’t as popular as it used to be. There are bands like Parliament, Rick James, or KC and The Sunshine band in modern music, but scratchy 16th note chord playing and groovy basslines still exist in modern music.

The closest that I have heard to funk in modern pop music is Dua Lipa. Young artists like Dua Lipa have funky elements in their style of music. Also, bands like MGMT mix funky grooves with their alternative sounds. Peaceful Piranha mixes funk, rock, and jazz into “Brush Yo Teeth.”

3. Weirdness that titillates!

When something is weird, it usually means that it is unique. Weird can either be good or bad. Sometimes, weird can be scary. Sometimes, weird can be ugly. Sometimes, weird can be foreign. Sometimes, weird can be awesome.

Usually, we are afraid of the unknown. When we see something that we’ve never seen before, unfortunately, we might negatively prejudge it.

Peaceful Piranha’s weirdness is intriguing. “Brush Yo Teeth” is a modern-day masterpiece that will electrify all of your senses. The bassline is simple; yet poignant. The guitars are funky; yet rocking. The lyrics are cheesy; yet funny.

4. Halitosis-inspired “Brush Yo Teeth”!

Things I love…Halitosis? I don’t think so. Truthfully, “Brush Yo Teeth” was inspired by a girl with very stinky breath. Peaceful Piranha dated a woman for three years, and she had halitosis. Halitosis is a chronic condition that causes bad breath.

When Peaceful Piranha first started dating this woman, he thought that she would not brush her teeth. It turns out that she did brush her teeth.

How did Peaceful Piranha find out? He asked her. She was embarrassed but admitted that she had halitosis.

Do you think Peaceful Piranha dumped her because of her condition? Of course NOT! He dated her for three years and would hold his breath every time he went in for a kiss. Eventually, she dumped Peaceful Piranha. Every woman eventually dumps Peaceful Piranha. All of his misfortunes in dating inspire his music.

5. Educational Music is crucial for child development!

“Brush Yo Teeth” is the perfect song for people and children of all ages. Well, just exclude certain words like “orgasmic” and take out all of the sexual noises, and then it is. Okay, maybe “Brush Yo Teeth” isn’t the most educational song, but 3 words in the song are.

People need to be reminded to brush their teeth. When we get older, we get lazier. That’s right! Do you “Brush Yo Teeth” every night?

After making love, we just want to fall asleep in our lover’s arms. Sometimes we are too lazy to go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, and then floss. When you cuddle, make sure to have clean breath. There is nothing sexier than kissing someone who just brushed their teeth.




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