Nobody Cares Work Harder

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Depression

Nobody Cares Work Harder

Do you really think anyone cares about you? Sure, maybe a few people genuinely do. Hopefully, your mom and dad love you, but they will die soon. When your parents are dead and gone who will love you? I ask myself this question all the time. The only people who have ever loved me have been my parents. I am lucky in that sense. Some people don’t even have that. In this world, most people will betray you. Relationships will END! Friendships will END! It’s not if, it is when.

Nobody Cares

Are you an attractive woman? Probably not. Female energy and feminine beauty are desirable. In general, beauty is desirable. People care about beauty because we live in a superficial world. For women, the world places more value on a beautiful woman. Sure, men can be beautiful and those men will be desired, but it’s not the same. Unless you are a beautiful woman, nobody cares.

Nobody Cares Unless You're A Beautiful Woman

Nobody Cares Unless You’re A Beautiful Woman

Nobody Likes Me

My self esteem has always been low. Growing up, I was fat. Food gave me comfort. Unfortunately, you get picked on when you are fat. All of my life, I thought very low of myself. This caused me to make many bad decisions that I would regret as I got older. Sadly, I was never a ladies man. Some men just have it. Other men, just don’t.

It was very hard to approach women, and when I did, I got rejected. Rejection causes bitterness and anger. Anger leads to more bad decisions. Most of the women who I have ever dated were second choices. I settled on them because I couldn’t do better. When you settle on someone, you will never really be happy. 

Nobody Cares Work Harder

Nobody cares about men unless they have money and power. Women only date successful men. In Miami, where I live, women won’t even look at you unless you look the part. You have to have that Miami look. You have to have bad taste in music, movies, food, clothes, cars, and a have a nice apartment or house. Unless you are making $70,0000 or more, your luck will suck in a place like Miami. In Miami, women will date you until they find someone better and more successful. 

Nobody cares about you until you are a somebody. You should focus your energy on making money while you are young. Don’t waste time with pointless relationships. Have fun, but don’t allow one of these bloodsuckers to rob you blind. Honestly, you should probably move far away from Miami. If you live in Miami, you know how horrible it is to date here. 

Focus on Yourself

There are many great, kind, smart, and intelligent women in the world. The problem is finding them. Even when you do find them, then most of those women won’t even give you a chance. Most women are reluctant to give you a chance. Have you ever tried hitting on random women? 

It sucks! Being a man kind of sucks unless you are successful. It hurts when the world sees you as a loser. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking of yourself as a loser even when everyone else does. Don’t believe the hype! The world has always seen me as a loser, and I used to believe it. I decided to change my perspective. I decided to work harder on myself and my goals. 

What Makes you Happy?

First, stop thinking so negatively!

Second, make a list of what you are grateful for.

Third, decide what you want to do in life.

Fourth, figure out what you need to accomplish your goals.

Fifth, don’t stop until you accomplish your goals!

Why I wrote Nobody Likes Me

I wrote the song “Nobody Likes Me” because of how many times I have been rejected in my life. Life has been a constant struggle for me, but I haven’t given up. Giving up isn’t an option. When you give up, you have nothing. It is important to keep fighting even when it seems like there is no hope. Try and find that hope within yourself.

Things can be going terrible and then all of a sudden, everything changes. Never give up. Keep working on yourself. Keep improving. Focus on your goals and achieve them. Put your goals and dreams above everything else. Don’t let women who will never really love you get in your way. Remember, NOBODY CARES WORK HARDER!

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